Recent Website Accessibility Issues

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Recent Website Accessibility Issues

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Recently for almost a month our website was down because of some problems we faced wile migrating to a new server. We apologize for if any users faced any problem with any of our services.

But Now Everything is operational, but here are few shortcomings and some updates to expect:

1. In the last few days (24th April 2019 - 1st May 2019) about 300 people created account in our development branch of the website. Someone somehow managed to get the link and shared to the mass apparently. Unfortunately we couldn't save those accounts. So people who registered in that specific time frame must sign up again.
2. New route based navigation within the website now allows people to use direct link to all pages, content and products. There's a new share option for all products.
3. real-time search feature is introduced to faster product filtering within their specific categories.
4. Entire code is optimized for faster execution. (way faster than before :ugeek: )
5. We're almost done with the booooring legal paper works, so developers can expect to start selling their own script, plugins, skins etc soon enough.

More good news is on the way. Seriously ! Surprises coming. stay tuned.
Director, CEO - Westenets Technologies
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