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Re: Mark III

Post by Boris01 »

swastikhkr12 wrote:
Boris01 wrote:Hey Folks,
It took me quite some time to solve my issue and I want to share my solution if anybody encounters this problem in the future. I dug a little and found version on and it works perfectly (No trail version message/10 Minutes trail).
You can download it from the attachment below(I've also included the jarvisWPF file, because it tends to bug from time to time and not download it wich results in an error). I hope that helps, have fun playing with jarvis! ;)

Edit: I forgot to mention that you can not update to the latest version wich is as of today, Jarvis/Links will tell respond with "I am already up to date", but it works just fine. :)
Thank you Boris
It's working !
But I have a question that after degrading the version does the program lack some features?(I mean
are there any feature changes when we degrade from v3.0.1.27 to v3.0.1.22)
Hello swastikhkr12,
I am sorry to inform you that I can not confirm which exact features we miss out on when degrading the version, I assume that we miss out on certain things tho. Looking into the wiki here we can only track the beta version(v2.6.3.104) of the app.
According to this post by the administrator, you can get a full changelog if you dm him.
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