New to Jarvis - Few questions

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New to Jarvis - Few questions

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Hey All,

Was wondering if you could help answer these few simple questions I have.

1) When I use the command "Open C drive" it asks "Are you sure?" when I say "yes" or "confirm" etc. It won't accept that as the answer. What is the correct speech answer and is there a way to change that.

2) Can I edit default commands. For example I would like to add to the "What is the time" command. I would like to add an AM or PM or maybe make it a 24 hour clock.

3) Can I have this read something off the internet. For example if I said "What is the time in Houston" it'll open a google website displaying the time in Houston and read it out for me.

Thanks for the help,

Kind Regards,

Alim B.

P.S. Loving this software so far!!!
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